Seaford Music Society traces its origin to the formation of Seaford Musical Club, in 1931, but the imminence of World War II caused its operation to be discontinued, in 1938.  The Arts Council of Great Britain instigated a number of its Members forming a Committee who established Seaford Music Club, in January 1946.  It changed its name to Seaford Music Society, when it became Registered Charity Number 295569, on 27th November 1986.  Its Members passed a Resolution to adopt an amended Constitution, on 31st May 2017, subject to the approval of the Charity Commission, which was granted on 12th July 2017.  Its operation is currently in the hands of five Trustees who are serving in the following Officer Rôles: 

David Willingham   Chair
Mary McGhee   Secretary
Paul Moore   Treasurer
Sebastian Comberti   Concert Secretary
Kate Comberti   Education Officer

Seaford Music Society is a Member of the National Federation of Music Societies (Making Music) and Brighton and Hove Arts Council