This is a view of Beethoven and Tama Matheson

I Shall Hear In Heaven


Seaford Baptist Church, Belgrave Road, Seaford BN25 2EE

Tama Matheson played Beethoven, with the London Mozart Players, in a “Lyric Drama” about the famous Composer

Tama Matheson is an award-winning Writer, Director and Actor, with over twenty Years of experience in theatre, film and opera. He has written, directed and performed in Plays, all over the World, and has a particular passion for creating new, innovative and multi-disciplinary Dramatic Works, many of which have won or been nominated for awards, in the United Kingdom and Australia. He has also worked with many Orchestras, including creating unique collaborations with the Melbourne, Tasmanian and Queensland Symphony Orchestras, the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, the Brisbane Camerata and the London Mozart Players. With these Orchestras, he has developed a unique form of theatre-with-music, the “Lyric Drama”, which has, in its various incarnations, received universally-praiseworthy reviews. I Shall Hear In Heaven and his 2019 “Lyric Drama”, Bright Stars Shone For Us, have both been nominated for a prestigious Royal Philharmonic Society Award, in the storytelling category

An uncredited reviewer says that “I was privileged to see this... an incredible Performance and Play” and rates it as being ∗∗∗∗∗

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There was an audience of one hundred and fifteen people present