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Seaford Music Society will continue its long tradition of promoting Professional Chamber Music with a 2021-2022 Season that will consist of five Chamber Concerts and a Family Concert, together with an additional Chamber Concert, to be held in Eastbourne.  Full details will be published, on this web-site, by 1st August 2021, but, due to continuing uncertainly about whether any degree of social distancing will need to be maintained, a temporarily limit is being placed on how many Members that we can accept.  Brochures have already been sent to existing Members of the Society and they have been given a priority period, during which they would all have been able renew their Memberships.  Brochures have now been sent to Non-Members who have asked to be kept informed about our Concerts and they are welcome to apply for Membership, on a first-come, first-served basis

The Family Concert that was held on 20th May 2018 and entitled The Enchanted Violin has been re-created and can be viewed here

Seaford Music Society reserves the right to change artists, programmes and venues, in circumstances that are beyond its control

The Corelli Ensemble is a group of Professional Musicians that holds further Chamber Concerts, in Seaford (and elsewhere).  Their next Concert (in Seaford) would have been held on 8th November 2020


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